What is optimization?

You may have heard the term website optimization, Google optimization, or any other form of optimization that you can think of, while you were thinking about expanding your business online. However, the preceding word is only there to describe a very specific type of optimization, but as a whole, it is the process of modifying text, images, and video and their associated programming code so that more people will find it online. This process is almost always necessary for businesses to implement when they are dealing with internet marketing campaigns.

On Site Optimization
At a basic level, the website is modified so that Google and other search programs recognize the existence of information on internal content and code. When search engines find a website, it processes every bit of information that it finds, including the code that we humans thankfully do not have to read. From there, it makes a decision whether to include certain information in search results, and where to position it on the page. New pages are usually recognized within a day or two, but can sometimes take up to a week. The content that is included in the results will be placed in various locations over an undefined period of time. (See the Placement section below for a deeper analysis.)

Social Optimization
Like your website, social network (web 2.0) business pages can also be modified. However, unlike a website, web 2.0 properties usually provides very limited or no access to the code, so all of the optimization must be done directly to the text, image, and video, which gives us less control over what the search engines see. Fortunately, the important networks that will benefit your business the most are authority sites. In most cases, these sites start out with a higher value than a regular website, because they have a reputation for being valuable to users. (See the Value section for more info.)

Off Site Optimization
Just as the name implies, off site optimization requires modifications to be made outside of the websites that you have control over. In a lot of cases, we have no control over what information is published on other websites, because we do not own them, nor do we have the ability to publish any content that we want. Fortunately, this part is like horseback riding. We can steer which direction the information is going in. For example, when your website is launched, we take your information and optimize it like we would on social sites. Then that information is spread around the internet to various sources. Some will be published and others will be ignored. In a sense, this is similar to Public Relations, except we want to target search engines as well as the public.

Search Engine Placement & Value
When a search engine finds your website it decides where to place you in the results for a certain keyword. This is a process that can take a month or more, because the program is deciding how valuable your website will be to the public. In order to find your website’s value, your link is placed in various positions to see how people react to it. When your website is in demand and people find it useful, it will be placed in a high position, then dropped to a low position to gauge the public’s reaction. If the people find it useful, the websites gets returned to a high position. This test (aka dance/Google dance) is performed multiple times until the program gets a good understanding of your website’s value. When we optimize your site and its associated properties, we convince the public that your website is the most useful one for certain keywords. As the demand goes up, search engines pick up on this trend and position your site accordingly. Off-site optimization usually takes three to six months to accomplish because there are hundreds of factors that must be tweaked until the public and search engines find your services appealing and useful.

The internet is quickly changing at a very rapid rate, so the information above is only a general overview of how optimization works. Factors that determine how valuable your website is change all of the time, because the evaluation is performed by a computer, and computers see things differently than you and I. Search engines are updated on a regular basis, with as many as 30 or more updates every month. These are usually minor updates that we adapt to in order to create value for your website. Once or twice a year though, there is a large update that can change the entire playing field, and at these points we adapt and alter your campaign to fit the new model.

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