Web design is more than a matter of combining graphics and words.

Your business is not always open and your phone systems do not have live operators at all times, but a website will be functioning at all times. Whether providing a product or service, a conversion can be made at any point and anywhere.

An online presence will enable a business to inform the public of products and services on an ongoing basis. The information can be altered and updated at any time. Services and products can be described in great detail without consumers feeling the pressure and anxiety created from talking to a live representative.

Websites do not strictly have to revolve around direct advertising. A small business can showcase industry news, company products, provide insight, and tell of a company’s internal affairs to make their products and services more noticeable to the public.

According to a joint study between Yahoo! and Dunkin’ Donuts, the migration of a local shop to the internet increased customer interaction by 300%. (Yahoo!)

If you do not have a website now is the time to get one. You are losing more business every day that you do not have a strong online presence. User interactions with the internet have been exponentially increasing since 1999.

 97% of all consumers now use the Internet when researching products or services in their local area. (CSO Insights Report)

• Businesses lose as many as 67% of consumers due to lack of online product information. (Allurent)

• New media contact with companies and brands foster goodwill in a majority of users, with at least 7 in 10 respondents reporting positive impressions, stronger connections and greater willingness to engage with the company. (eMarketer)

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