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On behalf of CBC, LLC I would like to commend Raducu Online Consulting for providing excellent website services. In fact, Bo Raducu demonstrated knowledge, professionalism, extreme high-level of technical abilities; and he exceeded our expectations. Bo listened thoroughly to our concerns, then provided us with comprehensive explanations how he would address each issue. Attention to the smallest detail and patience are the differentiating factors that sets them apart from similar firms; and is greatly appreciated.

Additionally, Raducu Online Consulting made observations and recommended changes for future enhancements to our website that should increase marketability are valuable information.

We are grateful for Bo Raducu’s expertise in marketing and web design, and look forward to continuing relations and working with Raducu Online Consulting on future projects.

Gloria Tanner | Columbia, SC

Raducu Online Consulting is one of the most professional, dedicated, and flexible online marketing companies that I have been working with for more than a year now. My expectations have been exceeded with their top notch reporting and communication. I recommend Raducu Online Consulting above any other local SEO firm.

Loraine Rentschler | Owner | Victoria, TX

To be honest, it took me a long time to make the move from broadcast advertising to full scale search engine optimization. The first two seo companies we worked with brought us immediate results, but those leads quickly dried up, and as an older business owner I just could not keep up with the internet changes.

When we were contacted by Raducu Online Consulting, it took over a month to iron out all of the details. Bo was very patient and put us at ease about migrating into social media and video marketing. We have been with Raducu Online Consulting for 4 months, and we are very pleased to know that our business is in good hands. Truthfully, I still do not fully understand how all of this works, but as our business continues to grow and evolve I believe we have made the right choice by putting our faith in Raducu Online Consulting.

Elinor Schlesinger | President | Burnsville, NC

When I compare the cost to performance of all advertising mediums, I cannot imagine a better way to advertise.  The quality of these leads are very impressive. I do not even consider a call from our website as a lead any more. They are sales!

Darryl Vanderford | Hilton Head Island, SC

We contacted ROC to help boost our firm’s organic search rankings in the highly competitive personal injury law market. We saw results almost immediately to our already large web presence as we expanded horizontally. I would highly recommend ROC for anyone looking for a top-notch web marketing firm.

Max Vallee | Owner | Bristol, UK

To say Raducu Online Consulting is a great company would be an understatement. Our communication with Bo was beyond our expectation. We were never transferred to some department in India or put on hold for hours on end. Bo, thank you for updating our site at 3 in the morning on a Saturday. I don’t know anyone who would do that for their clients.

Javier Dittmar | Marketing Manager | Columbia SC

When my law firm came to Raducu Online Consulting, we were barely within the top 150 pages, let alone the top 150 listings on the internet. However, after only 3 months, 90% of our keywords are on the first page, if not within the top 10 listings. With specific phrases for my area of expertise, the competition is strong for a limited number of keywords, but Raducu Online Consulting has helped us overcome that competition and move up in the rankings. I have recommended Raducu Online Consulting to 7 other companies, and will continue to share in all of our successes for many years to come.

Cody Tavernier | Owner/CEO | Hilton Head Island, SC

I thoroughly enjoyed working with your firm. The greatest benefit I acquired from you is the knowledge of how this new medium operates. I use the internet regularly and I have pushed my products online, but you have taken me to the next level. Once again, Thank You for your services and I will be sure to forward your information to some of my contacts that I know will be interested in what you have to offer.

Nelson Haycock | Charleston, SC

The counseling we received was great and we are much better prepared to angle our efforts toward online marketing now.

Unfortunately seo is not right for my little flower shop. My kids have always told me to add new technology to my business so a friend recommended this company. Our “full seo campaign” is just not right for us since our advertising budget is so low. This is a service reserved for professional people.

I was advised that my margins are too low for such a plan but I have a friend who benefited a lot from this so we went ahead with it anyway. Before we blew our advertising budget we were told that our return would not be that great so we were moved to paid advertisements. I feel like any other company would have taken advantage of our ignorance and would have kept billing us, so I do want to thank you for your honesty.

With that off my chest, the paid online ads really have reduced my advertising costs from print. This is working really well for us and we should have gone with this option in the first place. Now that I look back, it is mostly my fault for ignoring the advice of the professionals.

I very much like our new website because it is very easy to read with the larger font and is accessible from my ipad. Friends have given us many compliments for it.

Name withheld

The discretion and professionalism that comes with the service is unparalleled. Every SEO company we came across seems like they want to get rid of us fast. The amount of time that Raducu Online Consulting has spent educating and planning alongside us has exceeded our expectations. Patience and diligence puts this company in front of other internet companies we have dealt with. We officially endorse and recommend SpartanROC to anyone looking to get more out of their web properties.

Matt Wright | R.Properties

SS&J would like to take this opportunity to thank Raducu Online Consulting for your services and the hard work which has been put towards our company. Outstanding results have been achieved over the past few months which we would have never been able to do. With our website not even being listed in Google, Raducu Online Consulting not only put us on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, but also got us to the first page.

Neil Strozier | Savannah, GA

As we continue to upgrade our equipment, I do not have much time left in the day, so it is not often that I pause to comment on services. However I am very impressed with the results Raducu Online Consulting has brought us. I have entertained the same services from a different company, but I have come to find this experience is far superior in every way.

Mathew Piccard | CEO/President

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