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One website, one framework, and one URL are all you need. As technology continues to grow and expand you need an online presence that will fit all of your customers’ needs while keeping your costs low.

With a responsive design your webpages will automatically update to any device, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, as well as any new devices which aren’t even out yet. The best part? You’re only paying for ONE website instead of 3 or 4 for each platform.


The easy to use backend will allow you to be flexible as well. With a simple user interface updating your website is faster than ever and cost effective. You can change webmasters at any time, allow your employees to make blog posts, and even update the site yourself if you have the time. After all, you know your product better than anyone else.

Search Engine Compatible

The most important aspect of your online presence is the ability to generate more sales. With the majority of organic traffic coming from search engines, it’s important that your website can be read and displayed by algorithms. With a properly structured internal code and proper on page content, your products and services will be ready for current and future SEO campaigns.

Included in Your Package

Sleek Design

Content Management System

Lead Capture System

Secure Database

Modern Framework

Flexible Platform

The discretion and professionalism that comes with the service is unparalleled. Every SEO company we came across seems like they want to get rid of us fast. The amount of time that Raducu Online Consulting has spent educating and planning alongside us has exceeded our expectations. Patience and diligence puts this company in front of other internet companies we have dealt with. We officially endorse and recommend SpartanROC to anyone looking to get more out of their web properties.

Matt Wright | R.Properties

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