Word of mouth—the most powerful form of advertising!

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The average consumer on LinkedIn reaches 150 connections, Twitter about 208 followers, and Facebook around 338 friends.

Imagine one customer shares your page and it reaches those 338 people. One of them shares it again, and instantly, 675 people are now receiving updates about your product or service. The snowball effect can have a huge impact on your business

All of these Likes/Tweets/Connections add social value to your website, which is an important aspect of the public’s perception of your website. The more people share your page the higher your success rate. Most importantly, this can translate into new leads and sales, lowering your customer acquisition cost.

Customer Retention

As your community grows, you need to keep your customers coming back and generating new leads for you. Posting high quality updates while keeping spam to a minimum is essential to keeping your page looking professional and your customers interested. This can include special promotions for your users, updates on your website, or any events you plan on hosting. With a customer centered approach you too can leverage the power of social media!

Included in Your Package

Fan-base growth

Reputation Management

Periodic Updates

Spam Screener

Custom Social Graphics

Lead Capture System

As we continue to upgrade our equipment, I do not have much time left in the day, so it is not often that I pause to comment on services. However I am very impressed with the results Raducu Online Consulting has brought us. I have entertained the same services from a different company, but I have come to find this experience is far superior in every way.

Mathew Piccard | CEO/President

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