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Laser Targeted Leads

As the new standard in advertising, SEO is one of the most powerful tools used to get ahead of your competition. The method of bringing your website to the top of the search results puts your product in front of thousands of people. These new visitors are not just here to browse. They’re highly targeted individuals looking to buy your products today.

The concept is simple. When a potential customer goes to a search engine and performs a search query, you want to be one of their choices. You want to be one of their first choices! So the front page is an essential position, since the majority of users find what they’re looking for within seconds.

By precisely measuring the public’s needs and wants, a high quality long term strategy is developed. With proven research and rich content, your website will not only be ranking for keywords, it will be ranking for keywords people actually use!

Included in Your Package

Market Keyword Research

On/Off Site Optimization

Social Media Marketing

White-Hat SEO

Proprietary Ranking Algorithm

High Quality Content

Lead Capture System

Custom Reports

The 3 Step Process


In order to understand if your business and website are ready for SEO, one of our highly specialized account managers will review your website. After careful consideration of over 50 indicators, we will get together with you and create a highly customizable plan to ensure your short and long term success.

Due to the volatility of the online market, “nothing is guaranteed with SEO,” as the saying goes. However, our past results have generated thousands in sales for our customers, and we’ll do everything in our power to do the same for you. Remember, when you succeed we both succeed!


The ranking process involves fine tuning every detail of your website. From Meta tags to footer elements, every piece of code and content will be updated to comply with white-hat and Google SEO guidelines.

An aggressive on/off-page strategy will also be implemented to bring your current and future visitors high quality content. With properly structured content and optimized visuals, the algorithms will take notice and your visitors will have their needs and wants met. The more value your website brings to the search engine’s users, the higher you will appear on the results page. In turn, the influx of new visitors will continually bring you more sales.


The goal of great SEO is to grow your business and sales organically. After the off site optimization process is complete, you will be one of the top choices for potential customers. However, your competitors will also take notice.

To ensure your long term success, our proprietary algorithm will continually add value to your website and your products. In turn, providing quality content and products you will get to the top and keep you there, much longer than traditional ranking methods.

Raducu Online Consulting is a great partner and advisor for our firm. Our Project Manager effectively communicates our plan and we adapt it in real-time based off of our rankings to maximize results. Raducu Online Consulting has helped us put a strategy to our Web presence and has helped us grow our business and generate leads in a short amount of time.

Jessie Berke

On behalf of CBC, LLC I would like to commend Raducu Online Consulting for providing excellent website services. In fact, Bo Raducu demonstrated knowledge, professionalism, extreme high-level of technical abilities; and he exceeded our expectations. Bo listened thoroughly to our concerns, then provided us with comprehensive explanations how he would address each issue. Attention to the smallest detail and patience are the differentiating factors that sets them apart from similar firms; and is greatly appreciated.

Additionally, Raducu Online Consulting made observations and recommended changes for future enhancements to our website that should increase marketability are valuable information.

We are grateful for Bo Raducu’s expertise in marketing and web design, and look forward to continuing relations and working with Raducu Online Consulting on future projects.

Gloria Tanner | Columbia, SC

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