If online advertising has the highest ROI, what should you use to bring in those new customers?

As you may already know, SEO is one of the most powerful ways to acquire new customers online. If you have limited information on the subject, just send us a message and we can show you how your online presence can be significantly increased. After you have taken the steps to raise awareness of your brand, you need to upgrade your online properties to be web 2.0 compatible. This is not a new concept but it will allow you to connect to your clients and potential clients on another level, from social networks to participation on your very own website.


First of all, what is web 2.0? This term has been around for a couple of years now, which can be considered old in internet time. It can be argued that since it is just a general description of the way people interact with other people and other websites, it is still relevant. Web 2.0 allows a user to go to a website and register for an account. The account gives the user limited access to the website where he/she can upload content and interact with other users. You have seen this in all of the major internet companies such as Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Google, etc. The websites which have not adopted this trend mainly included brick and mortar businesses, mostly due to lack of information.


It is not necessary for these companies to create their own online web 2.0 platform, but some sort of interaction should be implemented in their advertising model. Specifically, when a business goes online, it should also embed social networking features within its website. The easiest way to go about this is to simply add social icons on every page. This just lets the user know that a company is open and trustworthy. In addition to icons, you can also embed APIs (application programming interface) into your page. These are simple lines of code provided by another website which will allow its users to interact directly with your site. The benefit is that new visitors who do not know your company yet, may be more inclined to interact with you, if you make it easy for them. They won’t have to type in their personal info and they know that they will be protected by the API provider.


Like the majority of websites online, these APIs and features are free for everyone to use, including other companies. But you may be wondering, why should I use up my time and/or money to add social capabilities to my website? Two words: Free Advertising! All social networks have some sort of newsfeed. This is simply a list of all important actions taken by a user. When a user likes a company page on Facebook, the event is recorded in their feed. This feed can also be seen by their friends. The average FB user has about 150-250 connections, so for each “like” a page receives, it is possible that 150-250 other people will know about the page as well.

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