Google Places

Chances are that you have heard of Google Places and may even have a listing. However if your information is not the first result for general search terms, then something is terribly wrong. Even worse, is that you are losing hundreds of customers every month because your potential customers are turning into buyers for your competitors that are positioned above you.

Try searching for the services that you offer in your town and see where you rank on the page. If you have a listing, then you’re most likely somewhere on the first page. If you’re not on the page or just don’t have a listing then there is little time to lose because the longer your business does not show up in position number one in the search results, the more money you are losing. Not convinced?

So it turns out that the number of internet users has reached 2 billion this year. When these people search for services in your area, Google gives priority to local businesses if properly optimized. It’s a well-known fact that Google Search recommends its own products over other 3rd party websites, so combining a local listing with a Google product gives your business exposure that you never thought was possible.

In addition to all of these great benefits, it also adds a great amount of value to your own website. Not only does Google provide your potential customers with information about your business, but it also provides a link back to your website which has more potential to also come up on the very first page of the search results. Imagine having not one link, but two, or even more (if you have a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ Page), different links. Imagine that your services take up the entire first page of Google and your customers are somewhere on the second or third page where only about 1% of all users look. All of this can be accomplished with proper optimization, and the longer you wait to create your online network the more money you are losing every month.