Google+ Pages

Even though Google+ is new to the social networking market, it is the fastest growing network in history. With over a million new users every month, their online presence can no longer be ignored. Like Facebook, Google is providing a medium for your business to connect with online users. At this point you’re probably asking yourself, why should I get an optimized Plus Page if I already have a Facebook Page?

The answer is simple. Google favors its own products. It’s no secret that the number one search engine in the world, with over a billion searches a month, would display results that are financially beneficial. While this may seem contradictory, it is actually good news for you. So how can you leverage the full power of this new network?

First of all, not many business owners are using Google+ for their business connections. They are saying the same thing they said about Facebook when it first came out. The early adopters, however, are light years ahead of their competitors. Not only did they jump on early, but they adapted and optimized their campaigns to their full potential.

The reason that you need to be on Plus Pages is that your website will be given more power in the search results. What this means for you is that more people will be seeing your website because it is in a higher position when people search for services that meet their needs.

Ask any business owner that has their business optimized for the internet, and they will tell you that it’s the best decision that they have ever made. In fact, over 86% of all business owners who have some sort of online presence have seen immediate results in the first month.

So how do you get an optimized Plus Page?