Facebook Pages

Originally Facebook started out as a college connection system between students, but exponentially grew as it became available to the public. With over 800 million users now signed up to one of the most popular websites in the world, entrepreneurs have come to find out that it is a very powerful business tool. While there are still hundreds of SMBs that still don’t use this great technology to expand their online presence, there are more reasons than ever to sign up right now. You may be asking, how will social media help my bottom line?

Gaining exposure is the number one reason professionals connect their services to the internet. Facebook makes the process unbelievably easy to communicate with loyal and potential customers on a regular basis that it would be a mistake not sign up.

Social Media exposure is not only limited to networking though. As online technology continues to update, the shift to relevant content is directly related to the social exposure that your business receives. In other words, the more connected you are to users, the higher the chances are that your services will be recommended to other users that have never heard of you before.

While customer connections are important, how you interact with your customers is what sets you up for success. The tools that are available with a Facebook page allows your customers to interact with you at their convenience and see how they react to your company’s policies. With live statistics, you will know where they are coming from, how many people are talking about your business, what they like, and what they dislike about your services. Still not convinced?

With traditional advertising you are only provided with a ballpark number of people that can see your services. With social media, you not only know how many people are interacting with your business but, have peace of mind that they are extremely targeted users that will purchase your product or services.
So which would you rather do? Spend hundreds or even thousands on advertisements that people might pay attention to, or setup a strong online presence that only connects you with potential clients?