If online advertising has the highest ROI, what should you use to bring in those new customers?

As you may already know, SEO is one of the most powerful ways to acquire new customers online. If you have limited information on the subject, just send us a message and we can show you how your online presence can be significantly increased. After you have taken the steps to raise awareness of your brand, you need to upgrade your online properties to be web 2.0 compatible. This is not a new concept but it will allow you to connect to your clients and potential clients on another level, from social networks to participation on your very own website.


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Web design is more than a matter of combining graphics and words.

Your business is not always open and your phone systems do not have live operators at all times, but a website will be functioning at all times. Whether providing a product or service, a conversion can be made at any point and anywhere.

An online presence will enable a business to inform the public of products and services on an ongoing basis. The information can be altered and updated at any time. Services and products can be described in great detail without consumers feeling the pressure and anxiety created from […] Read more

Social Marketing

Social networking aka Web 2.0 and search engine optimization have become the most effective and cheapest form of advertising that a small business can invest in.

• 53% of people on Twitter recommend companies and/or products in their Tweets, with 48% of them delivering on their intention to buy the product. (ROI Research for Performance)

• 81% of respondents of a survey said they received advice from friends and followers relating to a product purchase through a social site; 74% of those who received such advice found it to be influential in their decision (Click Z)

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Business Search Engine Optimization

Just like a brick and mortar business, a website must be placed in a location where people can see it. A search engine is like a network of streets that people can quickly access, and if your website is not in a prime location, you will lose hundreds of potential clients.

Search engines present results to users that search for a certain phrase that will meet their needs. In turn users find new websites that meet their needs, but usually only on the first page.

In three separate studies done by AOL, Chitika, and Cornell University, users who perform searchesvisit the top […] Read more

Facebook Pages

Originally Facebook started out as a college connection system between students, but exponentially grew as it became available to the public. With over 800 million users now signed up to one of the most popular websites in the world, entrepreneurs have come to find out that it is a very powerful business tool. While there are still hundreds of SMBs that still don’t use this great technology to expand their online presence, there are more reasons than ever to sign up right now. You may be asking, how will social media help my bottom line?

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Google Places

Chances are that you have heard of Google Places and may even have a listing. However if your information is not the first result for general search terms, then something is terribly wrong. Even worse, is that you are losing hundreds of customers every month because your potential customers are turning into buyers for your competitors that are positioned above you.

Try searching for the services that you offer in your town and see where you rank on the page. If you have a listing, then you’re most likely somewhere on the first page. If you’re not on the page or […] Read more

Google+ Pages

Even though Google+ is new to the social networking market, it is the fastest growing network in history. With over a million new users every month, their online presence can no longer be ignored. Like Facebook, Google is providing a medium for your business to connect with online users. At this point you’re probably asking yourself, why should I get an optimized Plus Page if I already have a Facebook Page?

The answer is simple. Google favors its own products. It’s no secret that the number one search engine in the world, with over a billion searches a month, would display […] Read more

Twitter Profile

Why should you use Twitter for your business? It’s simple. Twitter is one of the most popular social networks with millions of users sharing information millions of times a day. Yet your business probably shows up very few times or not at all in your customer’s feeds. Why is this happening and how can you increase the value of your business online?

Twitter is very simple to use, and anyone can pick it up and use it right away without much hassle. Its simplicity should not fool you though. It is actually a great piece of software, and if properly optimized, […] Read more

YouTube Channel

Although YouTube is known for cute cat and dog videos, it can be one of the most powerful business tools that you will ever use. Alongside Google search, YouTube generates millions of views every day and even going as high as 1 billion. Everyone with an account gains exposure, and those that are actively uploading videos acquire millions of views each month. So how can this help your business?

The fact of the matter is that most people would rather spend a couple of minutes watching a short video rather than skimming over an article about your product. Sales copies have […] Read more

What is optimization?

You may have heard the term website optimization, Google optimization, or any other form of optimization that you can think of, while you were thinking about expanding your business online. However, the preceding word is only there to describe a very specific type of optimization, but as a whole, it is the process of modifying text, images, and video and their associated programming code so that more people will find it online. This process is almost always necessary for businesses to implement when they are dealing with internet marketing campaigns.

On Site Optimization
At a basic level, the website is modified so […] Read more