Case Study 3

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Minor On-Page Optimization (based on outdated algorithm)


1450 Total Local Monthly Searches

2 Years

6 Months


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Below you can follow the journey of a keyword specific to this campaign starting with month 2. Month 1 consists of planning and preparation which does not usually affect a website’s position. The case studies exclude elements that may reveal the client’s information, or other factors that could affect their rankings both directly and indirectly. For more information about our proven proprietary system contact us and we’ll get back to you within 12 hours.

1/2/2012 – 5/2/2012
When a website acquires value, it can take search engines anywhere from a day to two weeks to record and process the data.

5/2/2012 – 14/2/2012
As the newly detected value is being processed the website is tested against hundreds of predetermined factors.

14/2/2012 – 28/2/2012
While the newly acquired value is still being processed, the website begins to stabilize. As the position of the website increases, the search engine will begin to push your website up in the rankings, towards the number 1 position.

28/2/2012 – 29/2/2012
When the search engine finds dubious value that is linked to your site, it is quickly pushed to a lower position where your website must be reprocessed.

1/3/2012 – 3/3/2012
Once the search engine algorithm determines that the website is indeed valuable, it is pushed back up into a higher position.

3/3/2012 – 12/3/2012
Once again, there is a period of rest while the algorithm finds and processes new value. At this point the website is still acquiring value, but every page above your website is more valuable than yours.

12/3/2012 – 31/3/2012
Of course one of the primary factors that affect a website’s rank is human interaction. People are predictable to a certain extent, but they can increase the value of your website in a positive manner and/or in a negative manner. Therefore, once again, the website is being validated.

11/4/2012 – 18/4/2012
The true value of your website is tested when it finally hits the front page of your chosen keyword. Again, the human factor has a big impact on your websites ranking. When someone comes across your page, how do they react?

1/5/2012 – 31/5/2012
The site continues to gain value and is put through various tests. When the page fails a test, the search engine moves it to a lower position on the page. Depending on the significance of the test, your site will react accordingly.

1/6/2012 – 30/5/2012
As time passes, the website is constantly being tested. However, once it reaches the front page, value is accumulated automatically because of the value that we build during the ranking process. Once we build a solid base, the site is guaranteed to remain in a high position for a long time.