Case Study 2

Campaign Description


Website Classification

Previous SEO Work

Total Keywords Targeted

Search Volume

Website Age


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850 Total Local Monthly Searches

2 Months

12 Months


Campaign Results


Keyword Status

Click Through Rate

Website Traffic

ROI Break-Even Point

Projected ROI 2012

Projected ROI 2013

Projected ROI 2014

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3 Keywords on Page 1 after 6 months. The other 3 are still being processed.


+1220% (including non-search engine traffic which is a result of the added value)

3.1 months (on the first 3 keywords)





Below you can follow the journey of a keyword specific to this campaign starting with month 2. Month 1 consists of planning and preparation and does not usually affect a website’s position. The case studies exclude elements that may reveal the client’s information, or other factors that could affect their rankings both directly and indirectly. For more information about our proven proprietary system contact us and we’ll get back to you within 12 hours.

1/2/2012 – 16/2/2012
The website did not even exist until the middle of December 2011 and was finally picked up by Google about 2 months later.

The search engine locates the website and places it in low position until it can gather and process information.

During the data processing phases, the website will be evaluated and adjusted according the search engine’s findings.

16/2/2012 – 29/2/2012
Due to the nature of the competition on this specific keyword, the website’s value quickly rose into the lower part of the 4th page. During this process the search engine will test the website against predetermined factors. As long as a website is listed in the search engine, it will continually be tested to determine where it will bring the most value to the user.

Of course this will not be enough to place your website onto the first page, and this is just the beginning of the tests which will take place over the following months.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The SEO ranking process can be compressed into a period of 1-3 months, but as you can see in the first month of value processing, the website looks like it is doing extremely well. However, it still has to be put through other tests which require longer periods of time.

1/3/2012 – 9/3/2012
At this point the search engine’s algorithm is still processing and analyzing the website’s value. However, every other website above it has a higher value, so it cannot be raised any further.

9/3/2012 – 16/3/2012
When the algorithm finds a data set which it determines to have a negative impact on the search engine, the website is removed.

16/3/2012 – 23/3/2012
Since the website already had a positive value, the majority of the supposedly negative value has either been neutralized or disregarded. However, the website will now be put through a rigorous test to determine a new position.

When a website is removed, it usually occurs as a result of quick value building. When a new website gains value this quickly, some of that value can have a negative impact on its rankings. If the site had been around for a longer time, before the SEO process was started, the value may have been reversed, and actually increased its position in the search engine.

1/4/2012 – 4/4/2012
A search engine’s robots will not find and/or process all new value for the website. When it does find the new data, it may put it through another test, which can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

9/4/2012 – 14/4/2012
Again, the search engine lowers the position of the website even completely removes it. The new information was not significant and the site was returned to its previous position.

14/4/2012 – 29/4/2012
The website slowly crawls up in the ranks as information is being discovered and processed.

29/4/2012 – 30/4/2012
Significant value has been added to the site, which catapults the website onto the 2nd page. We saw earlier that the website jumped over just under 60 positions, but one aspect of the ranking system, is that as you go up in the ranks, the value of a website is exponentially increased. Therefore, websites in positions 90-30 may not even add up to the value in position 25.

1/5/2012 – 31/5/2012
Throughout this month, the site is simply adjusted to the data being processed. This is also the first month that this site appears on the front page of a significant keyword, which a high search volume. The first page consists of 15 positions, instead of the usual 10.

4/6/2012 – 30/6/2012
The site finally proves its worth in the search engine rankings and has continues to occupy a spot on the front page.

Since this site is new, the campaign has been split up into 2 parts, each targeting 3 keywords. While we maintain a close eye on all keywords, the first 3 keywords have remained strong on the front page. As we approach the end of 2012, the site is occupying position 3 of the keyword showcased in this public case study.