Business Search Engine Optimization

Just like a brick and mortar business, a website must be placed in a location where people can see it. A search engine is like a network of streets that people can quickly access, and if your website is not in a prime location, you will lose hundreds of potential clients.

Search engines present results to users that search for a certain phrase that will meet their needs. In turn users find new websites that meet their needs, but usually only on the first page.

In three separate studies done by AOL, Chitika, and Cornell University, users who perform searchesvisit the top ten non paid results, with nearly half going to the very first listing. To find out how many people look a certain phrase every month, you can use the Google Keyword Tool: If you search for your services plus the city you can get an idea of how many people are not seeing your business by not being in the top results.

AOL Search engine click through rate

Cornell University search engine click through rate results

For example, if you can search for “dentist in Spartanburg” then divide the total searches by 2, you can get an estimate of how many views the first result gets. With Google’s search engine market shooting up 20 points from 65.3% to 85.75% in the past year, you are literally losing thousands of dollars every month by not having your web property rank high.So why is your website not listed in a high position? Click below to find out how many customers you could be missing out on.
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